Destination: St Gaudens, France
Dates: July 13-28, 2018
Leaders: Sam Fong and Autumn Pearson
Cost: $2,700
Teams Members Needed: 1-Guy


The Trip

We will have the opportunity to serve in the southern town of Saint-Gaudens, France, alongside David and Melissa Price, who have been in the country since 2008. For the last two years, we have been helping Eglise Biblique Baptiste du Comminges update and repair the outside of their building. This year we will be moving inside! We will also have the opportunity to distribute literature and help in the church.  This little country town is a great place to get a feel for France and its need for the gospel. If you have had a burden for the religious need in Europe (or have not really even considered it!), this trip will provide an opportunity to see one way that this need can be met.

The Task

1. Encourage Dave and Melissa Price
2. Encourage the people of Eglise Biblique Baptiste du Comminges
3. Distribution literature in Saint-Gaudens and surrounding areas
4. Help resurface the church building

You can Donate to our team by sponsoring a PCC student team member or by contributing to our general fund to pay for the ministry expenses in Saint-Gaudens, France. Please send an email using the contact tab above to request more information.

Please pray as we prepare for our mission trip:

  1. Pray for the selection of our team.
  2. Pray for our team as we raise the finances for the trip.
  3. Pray for Dave and Melissa Price as they plan for our arrival.