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We are church-planting missionaries in Southern France sent out by Scenic Bay Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. We arrived in France in the summer of 2008 and worked along veteran missionaries Tim and Elisabeth Knickerbocker while we learned the French language. During that time, the Lord made it clear in our hearts that He was calling us to continue to serve Him in Saint Gaudens where the Knickerbockers were working. Saint Gaudens has a population of about 15,000 people. While the Lord was leading in our hearts, He was also working in the hearts of the Knickerbockers. The Lord led the Knickerbockers to move their camp and ministry to the center of France and for us to remain in Saint Gaudens. Our desire is to continue working in the church to bring it to majority, helping it to grow along with the national pastor to the point where we will be able to move on and plant a daughter church out of the church of Saint Gaudens.

Along with the church-planting ministry in Saint Gaudens, the Lord has given many other opportunities to serve Him. Because we work as a team in Saint Gaudens, it allows us to be involved in teaching in Bible institutes and even during the first several years we were in France, summer camp ministries.